OMM Assessment
An assessment may be carried out for one or more of various reasons, such as:
- a potential integrator wants to evaluate a FLOSS community or a project for selecting a product for integration;
- a FLOSS community wants to improve its development processes ;
- a 3rd party (an external agency such as a QualiPSo Competence Center) wants to assess a FLOSS project.
Main Description

Most of the assessment scenarios have been covered by the Usage Scenarios.

The assessment framework offers two possibilities

1. The assessment team has free access to all development documentation, process documents, development teams for interview (by phone or otherwise)
2. The assessment team has limited access to the development documentation, process documents and development teams. This is a partial assessment.
The second situation may arise when a FLOSS project in the public domain is assessed long after the product has been released and the development team and / or documentation is no more available. OMM and the assessment framework are primarily intended to serve the first possibility (free access to documents and to the development team). An objective analysis of the development practices in all TWEs at all levels of OMM, based on which a maturity rating can be assigned is only possible in this.
Such access is also required for providing a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the process and practices.

For evaluating FLOSS projects according to OMM one can use the OMM on-line tool, available