Avaliação de acessibilidade de Web sites baseada em métricas

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Bonfim, V. V.; Paiva, D. M. B. Avaliação de acessibilidade de Web  sites baseada em métricas. Projeto de conclusão de curso, DCT/UFMS,  2008.
The vertiginous growth of the Internet has revolutionized the ways of communication, information access and business process in all over the world. The capacity of reaching plenties of people from different geographic locations, societies and cultures has provided this advance. Within this context acessibility of sites is a key concept for an access universalization of available Internet content. This article comes with a comparative work among WCAG 1.0 and e-MAG documents in order to ease future changes in the Hera accessibility evaluating tool, and an inclusion of an assessment by metrics into this tool beyond accessibility related concepts.