Qualipso Project: Quality Recommendations for FLOSS development processes

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This  technical  report  focuses  on  the  proposal  of  Quality  Recommendations  for FLOSS  (Free and open source software) communities. Quality Recommendations are being suggested in the context of the Qualipso Project, particularly in the context of the Open Source Maturity Model (OMM). OMM is a CMMI-like model for FLOSS that can be implemented  in software organizations  to enable FLOSS usage both in production and development  of  software  products.  These Quality  ecommendations will  set  basis  to establish OMM practices and are connected with OMM processes areas. Such Quality Recommendations,  as  the  OMM,  are  expected  to  add  trustworthiness  to  FLOSS development processes and products. The perspective based on  trustworthy elements is  aligned with OMM  approach  and may  enable  consistent  savings  and  reducing  the time to market.