JaBUTiService: A Web Service for Structural Testing of Java Programs

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ELER, Marcelo Medeiros; ENDO, André Takeshi; MASIERO, Paulo Cesar; DELAMARO, Márcio Eduardo; MALDONADO, José Carlos; VINCENZI, Auri Marcelo Rizzo; CHAIM, Marcos Lordello; BEDER, Delano Medeiros. JaBUTiService: A Web Service for Structural Testing of Java Programs. 33rd Annual IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (SEW-33), Skövde, Sweden, October 2009.
Abstract: Web services are an emerging Service-Oriented Architecture technology to integrate applications using open standards based on XML. Software Engineering tools integration is a promising area since companies adopt different software processes and need different tools on each activity. Software engineers could take advantage of software engineering tools available as web services and create their own workflow for integrating the required tools. In this paper, we propose the development of testing tools designed as web services and discuss the pros and cons of this idea. We developed a web service for structural testing of Java programs called JaBUTiService, which is based on the stand-alone tool JaBUTi. We also present an usage example of this service with the support of a desktop front-end and pre prepared scripts. A set of 62 classes of the library Apache-Commons-BeanUtils was used for this test and the results are discussed.